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Whether it’s a family gathering, a wedding or just another evening with friends, when is a game of cards not on the cards?

The 52 cards across 4 suits of a classic French deck give us lots of fun and challenging games. From casino-favourite real money card games like Blackjack to the classic Solitaire pre-loaded in computers, most card games can be broadly categorised under the following types:

Matching Games want you to make a particular set of matching cards before anyone else on the table to win. In a matching game like Rummy, this can be done by picking a card from the pile & disposing of another, in each turn.

Comparing or Showdown Games decide the winner by the value of their hand. Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Teen Patti are some of the most popular real money card games.

Trick-Taking Games are about winning a pre-decided number of tricks. in a number of rounds. e.g. Bridge, Spades

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Anuj Sharma Kakrawada
Anuj Sharma Kakrawada
Kasrawad, Madhya Pradesh
I was overjoyed when I won the ₹1.5 lakhs with the BB40 leaderboard. Truly thankful to GetMega for letting me earn with my skills. Playing Poker here has taught me to value my decisions - life too is about when to step up & when to fold.
30 January, 2021
Gambhir Pratap Salodiya
Gambhir Pratap Salodiya
Jhalawar, Rajasthan
It's truly exciting to play Rummy here. I won ₹45,000 in the last month itself. I have been practicing regularly & I am really very happy with my wins. There are so many contests to choose from at any time, that I never get bored.
30 January, 2021
Amitabh Verma
Amitabh Verma
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
My friends told me about GetMega & the variety of real cash games it had. I started with Carrom & then got into Poker. Within weeks, I won ₹2.5 lakhs, just playing my favourite games! It actually helped me buy nice gifts for my family.
3 February, 2021


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