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Poker is really an interesting game and has been played since many centuries. It is played in various casinos, at homes and nowadays, even online poker is available. And if you know something related to poker you might have also heard about the poker chips. Poker chips are a disk-shaped object used to represent an amount of money while gambling.

As poker is a game where real profit has to be made, a heavy amount of money is used by the players. The amount is so heavy that it becomes difficult to manage the cash and that’s why the use of poker chips come into picture. Different poker chips have different poker chip denominations.

Poker chip denominations

The different types of poker chips represent different amounts of money. The amount represented can vary from country to country, event to event. The basic idea behind their use is to secure original currency. Earlier, the value of these poker chips were represented by chunks of gold, pieces of ivory, leather and metals etc.  Although, It is not necessary for every player to use these coloured disks, there are some reasons why their use has become so important. They make playing and setting up the cash a lot easier. The use of Poker chip denominations saves a lot of time and even avoids situations of conflict.

Before playing any game, we should understand that each chip has some money value associated with it. Generally, the values are not marked on these chips. However, there is no official rule as to how the value must be assigned, but all the standard poker games share some common values. The basic set of poker chips consists of white, blue, red, green and black chips. We should make sure that every player playing with us understands the value system which we follow. This can be done by discussing the values or by marking the chips yourselves.

Types of poker chips

There are generally four types of poker chips.

  1. Plastic: These chips are made of plastic. These are very cheap. These chips actually look similar to kid’s toys. And that’s why they do not give the feel as chips used in casinos.
  2. Composite/clay chips: Earlier the poker chips were made of clay instead of these cheap plastic chips. They used to give a much better feel. However, modern chips are not made of clay, they use some other material which mimics the touch and feel of those styles of chips.
  3. Ceramic chips: These chips are one step ahead of the composite ones, having a better quality, more durability and a smoother surface. These are more costly, but are a better way to showcase if you are a host of any poker event.
  4. Metal chips: Other than the composite and ceramic chips, we have metal chips which are unique in design in the context of poker setup. They used to come in silver, gold and many such expensive metals. However, it is very very difficult to find them today.

Full poker chip colors and the different poker chip denominations

  • White, $1
  • Yellow, $2
  • Red, $5
  • Blue, $10
  • Grey, $20
  • Green, $25
  • Orange, $50
  • Black, $100
  • Pink, $250
  • Purple, $500
  • Yellow, $1000(sometimes burgundy or grey)
  • Light blue, $2000
  • Brown, $5000

There may be some variations to these denominations according to their use or the players preferences.

Final thoughts on poker chip denominations

When you are the host of a poker event and about 10-12 people, it is suggested to have around 500 poker chips. And if the number of players is around 30, then there must be at least 1000 chips. It is recommended that you keep the number of colors low.

There should be four to five basic colors. In case of casinos, they keep custom designed chips with a fixed monetary value. The values are printed or engraved over the chips. The chips may be multi-colored, their sizes may differ and they may be styled with different patterns. Casinos generally have their own value assigning method.

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