What Is The Importance Of a Burn Card In Blackjack?

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Blackjack has proved to be one of the most famous card games around the world, frequently played in Casinos and online platforms. This card game is also referred to by the name of “21”. Blackjack is banked by the casino/online dealer which means the player essentially plays against the casino or the house as an entity rather than playing against each other like in regular card games. So, the casino/virtual dealer would have to pay up if the player ends up winning. The main principle of the game is for the player to get a hand total of 21 before the dealer could go over 21 which is known as busting. In blackjack, a burn card plays an important role, and we will explain that as well in this article.

A brief overview of the gameplay of Blackjack

To play a game of blackjack, you would need to have cards numbered from 2 to 10 with their face values, Jacks, Kings and Queens are the ones valued at 10, and usually the aces tend to have a value of 1 or 11. In general, an ace is always valued at 11 but that shouldn’t result in the hand going over 21(busting), else it is valued at 1. Hand with an ace of value 11 is known to be a soft hand whereas the ones valued at 1 are called hard hands, and these are the card game terminologies.

As the name of the card game goes, the starting hand of a 10 valued card along with an ace card is known to be blackjack and is supposed to beat all the other hands on the table except for another blackjack. If both the player and the dealer end up having a blackjack, it’s a tie and hence the result is a push which means neither of them win the bet (nor the casino or the player) and the bet is known to be returned to the player.

Once the game has begun, the dealer and the player both receive two cards each. While the player’s card needs to be dealt face up on the board, the dealer can have only one card on the board and can hide the other one (also known as a hole card). Ace with any ten-point card is supposed to be the best possible blackjack hand. The game is designed in a way that it favors the dealer instead of the player since it holds much higher stakes than the player.

For blackjack, the normal 52 cards are used, and the joker cards are removed. Initially, blackjack was played with a single deck, but as a contrary measure, they introduced multi-deck games. So, now blackjack is offered as single deck, double deck, 4-deck, 6-deck and 8-deck games.

What is the role of a Blackjack Burn Card?

Coming to the blackjack burn card, what happens generally is the dealers are obliged to burn the first card of the shoe by keeping it in the discard tray. This happens before any other cards are dealt in the game. When the dealer burns a card, it is in the context that the cut card is moved up by one, and doesn’t really affect the game in any major way if you are not someone who plays by the count of the cards.. Thus, the main objective of burning the card is to avoid or prevent the steering of the top most card of the deck. However, if you do count the cards and make your strategies accordingly, then it can be a bit annoying, especially if the dealer does not show you the blackjack burn card. While some games do have the rule to show the cards, some do not.

This is extremely common and is mainly done because of the assumption that the top card must have been exposed while distributing cards to the players, and hence the top card is burnt or discarded to not let anyone have an unfair advantage with the exposed top card. It is legal if the dealer ends up exposing the top card accidentally to the players but it isn’t acceptable if the player has had any hand at marking or pinning an ace or ten card which would favor them in winning. That is deemed illegal because if the exposed card ends up being an ace, the player has almost 51% of winning the game with that specific card. Hence, you should not be surprised to see the top card being burnt by the dealer in a game of blackjack.

You may ensure whether the burn card will be shown to you or not before entering the blackjack game. While playing the online game, it will be mentioned beforehand. Download the GetMega app now to play blackjack and other top poker games, and win money.

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