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To ace the game of poker, there are a lot of strategies that you can use. While some of them are quite tricky and require a high-level of poker acumen and practice, there are pretty simple strategies as well. One such strategy is the ABC strategy, which is named because of being quite simple and straightforward. A player using this strategy is called the ABC player in poker.

The strategy simply focuses on fundamental tricks and game plans and does not get into any fancy strategy. Now, you may think why should someone adopt such a strategy? Let’s find out.

Why should you opt for the ABC poker strategy?

·         To start with, it provides a strong base if you are new to poker. Beginners should stick to the ABC strategy once you get a hang of the game. This is also true when you play different versions of poker. For example, even if you are a good player of Texas Hold’em, you should start with the ABC strategy while playing a game of Omaha.

·         This is an excellent ploy against players who are at a beginner level. If you see a table where you feel like the players are not that experienced, you can stick to this strategy and win the game without complicating it too much.

·         Being an ABC player in poker can be good during online games because you rarely know the background of your opponents. Therefore, sticking to this basic strategy may help you sail through the game smoothly.

·         You can intimidate players with your aggressive style of play. Being an ABC poker in poker, though simple, is an aggressive strategy and when played intelligently, you can win against top players as well.

·         This gameplay is excellent to be used in low limit poker games, especially if you are good at managing opening hands. Since there is a limit to the raises and bets you can make, you should be able to take risks more easily.

Are there any downsides of becoming an ABC player in poker?

·         The ABC player in poker can be predictive and that is something which does not go well in the game of poker. As a result, experienced players can easily exploit such players. Therefore, you have to bring some sense of uncertainty in your game style even while sticking to the ABC strategy. For this, you will require a lot of practice.

·         An ever-so aggressive game plan can make you lose a lot of money at times. If you are to win money over a long period of time, then this aggressive strategy may backfire.

·         When we talk about middle or high stakes games, any advanced player can crush an ABC player in poker by making a pressure with each hand. A good player will shut you out from your number of pots to make profit.

·         Bluffing may not be a big part of your game if you are using the ABC strategy. Since it is a straightforward game plan, there is not a lot of scope for bluffing.

The biggest advantage of playing ABC poker strategy is that it is very easy to learn. You can easily try your hand at low stakes with this strategy. It can make you a break-even player and sometimes a winning player also. You can try bluff or semi-bluff so that the opponent himself folds and you get the chance to win. However, there are situations when the opponent doesn’t fold even in the worst condition. And then the only option you will be left with is to wait until you get good cards.

Poker is a game of wit and sharp thinking. Remember that you have a reason for every play you make and every hand you move. The players who don’t give attention to others’ strategies, mostly, lose the pot. Therefore, any strategy you play must be analysed before using it in the game. As a beginner, you must start by being an ABC player in poker, and then evolve the game as you practice more and more.

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