Backer in Poker

Backer in Poker

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Poker has been played for the past many decades. This game includes a lot of variance and is even considered as a sport, not just a game. It is played in casinos and across various online platforms. Some amateur players may have a low stock but the good professional players always make big money out of it. That is why people invest in this game so as to increase their bankroll.

Who is a poker backer?

A poker backer is a person who provides a bankroll (kind of financial support) to a player in exchange for some percentage of the player’s profits. This way the player can play even high stakes poker which he might not play using his own stock. The person who is being “backed” is referred to as a horse. A poker backer can “back” 5 - 7 “horses” at a time.

Poker backers are more popular in the world of poker than people realize. There are too many investors who are ready to support good players. They make money by investing money and taking risk and if the player loses a hand, the backer is the first one to incur the loss.

This whole process is known as poker backing or staking. The term is sometimes mixed up with the term “debt”, but backing is an investment rather than debt. Therefore, the investor also carries risk in case the player (horse) did not perform well.

Benefits and Risks in Poker Backing (Staking)

Poker backing provides many benefits to a player such as managing his stock for long-run, reducing stress which can be caused due to downswings. Staking also creates great networking opportunities as more often than not only those players are backed who can communicate easily with each other. Moreover, a poker backer also provides coaching to his “horse” so that his game can be improved.

Though poker backing provides numerous advantages, there are some risks involved in it for the player as well as the backer. The biggest risk is that the player plays under mental pressure which can lead him to making wrong decisions. Without a poker backing, the player bets according to his bankroll but after being backed he has to bet as per his backer. This adds a lot of unwanted stress in the player’s mind.

In addition to this, in poker backing, if a player has to make profits then he has to first make up for the previous losses. Now this causes a problem in MTTs as a player may lose a heavy amount before making profits in many cases. Therefore, if a poker backer doesn’t hold sufficient reserves, he can be in trouble.

Poker backing is done online as well as in casinos and it has so many benefits along with some big risks being involved. It is also not easy for a player to find a poker backer for himself as you have to be really good at the game to make someone invest in you. However, the decision “to be backed” or not should be taken very carefully as it can affect your poker career more than anything else.

To get a backer, you must be really good and to be that good, you need to practice playing poker daily. The best way to do that is to play poker online on the GetMega Poker App now. Register yourself now and enter into any of the various contests available.

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Mahesh Mahale
Mahesh Mahale
Nashik, Maharashtra
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19 January, 2021
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Behrooz Rostaye
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It has been 3 months now since I started playing on GetMega. I have made more than ₹3 lakhs till now on Poker itself. The app is light & has a clean interface, with interesting contests running 24x7. It's the perfect gaming experience!
4 January, 2021
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Kshitij Khandelwal
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I had no idea there could be so many brilliant games to choose from. I regularly play Carrom, Hop Pop & have recently learnt to play Poker on GetMega. Playing games is fun, but playing with real stakes is so much more exciting.
25 February, 2021


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