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If you have been learning poker over a period of time, one thing that you must have definitely noticed is the fact how there are so many terms to learn. There is just about a term for every other move or phase or hand or something in the game. This is what makes it such an interesting game because you keep learning something new. In this post, we will be talking about one such term – dead card, its role in the game and how it can affect the odds of you winning the game.

What is a dead card in poker?

A dead card in poker is basically the card that cannot be dealt to you because it has been exposed to everyone. Now, this can happen either knowingly as part of the game or unknowingly when a player exposes a card by mistake. This can affect the odds when a player is counting his outs in the game about which we will discuss in a bit more detail.

When all is a card declared to be a dead card?

Here are the possible ways when a card becomes dead:

·         In a game like 7-card stud where the player holds up cards. All the upcards on the table will be dead to you.

·         If a dealer accidentally reveals a card. In this instance, he/she will declare the card to be the next burnt card in the game.

·         If a player exposes the card either accidentally or knowingly, such cards become dead to you in the game.

How does a dead card affect the odds of the game?

It is incredibly important to understand the concept of a dead card because then it will affect your odds massively. Dead cards have the ability to change the course of the match because when the odds change in the player’s mind, the moves also change.

Let us help you understand this with an example:

Suppose you are playing a Texas Hold’em game and you have a 10 and Jack of hearts. When the flop comes, you can see a 7 of spades, 8 of hearts and King of clubs, which means that a 9 of any suit will help you make a straight and has a remote chance of making a flush as well. Let us focus on the straight here, for which you have four outs to make the strong hand. This should mean that you have odds of 43:4 to get a 9 in the next round.

Nonetheless, a couple of players raise a bet and a couple of the fold up until your chance comes. While folding, one player accidentally flips their cards, which was a 9 and 2 of diamonds. Now the dealer will show these cards to everyone and muck them. As a result, you now know that these two cards are dead to you. These cannot be dealt to you. The 9 of diamonds is a crucial card for your current hand and with that being dead, it has now changed the odds. Now, it is 43:3, which is 14:1. It is poorer than the 11:1 odds that you had earlier. As a result, you will change your moves accordingly.

So, this is how a dead card can have a major influence in the game of poker because it can affect how players make their moves. However, while playing online, the concept of a dead card goes out of the question to some extent because there won’t be any accidental flipping of cards. To play poker online, download the GetMega Poker app now.

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