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Poker is an interesting card game which has a fixed format for every action involved in the game. Whether being the blinds, buy-ins, the stack size or the time limit, everything is predetermined in most games. There are a lot of tournaments in poker that you can enter, be it via offline or online mediums. One of the most played tournaments is poker freeze out. It is run by almost all the casinos and doesn’t include any rebuys or add-ons.

Poker freezeout definition

Here is the poker freezeout definition. A tournament is said to be a poker freeze out if all the players are eliminated from the game until only one player is left who has all the chips. In other words, in poker freeze out, a player enters with a fixed buy-in. One thing to note here is that most of the online poker tournaments are freezeouts only.

All the players play until they run out of chips, and once that happens, it’s over for them. Some tournaments allow you to rebuy and add on for a specified period and after that period, the tournament becomes a freezeout. The tournaments which allow rebuys are generally lengthy and have a larger pool prize. However, freezeout tournaments are of shorter duration in general because the eliminated players cannot return.

You have to focus upon your stack before taking any risk because as you lose your stack, you’re out of the game. Although poker freeze out is so popular, it has a disadvantage that the prize pool can’t be built due to the rebuys or reentries.

Why should you play a poker freeze out?

A poker freeze out is very different from rebuy tournaments where you can rebuy the chips and enter the game again even if you lose all your chips. Here are some reasons to play a poker freeze out tournament.

❏        The freezeout poker is a quality game play where no one gets any pressure that their opponents can re-enter the game. Every player plays sensibly and instead of losing all chips, players are concerned about building chips.

❏        In rebuy tournaments, the players with heavy wallets overcome their low skills by rebuying and getting back into the game. This cannot happen in freeze out tournaments, therefore these require top-notch poker skills and talents.

❏        Poker freeze out is very easy to understand, fair to all the players and provides a decent prize in the end. This is why most of the players still prefer this tournament.

A player should always check the time period after which a tournament will become “freezeout” before he/she enters one. This can influence your playing strategy to a great extent. It will also help you to manage your stack in a better way.

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