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“First impression matters” is a common saying you must have heard during your childhood. Now, when it comes to poker, the way you play during the pre flop betting round pretty much sets the stage for the rest of the game. After all, preflop is that round in any game of poker where you are compelled to make your first betting decision based on a number of variables. Now, in this post, we have detailed everything from the meaning of the term preflop to the top 3 considerations for playing pre flop in poker.

What does the term preflop mean in poker?

As the name implies, preflop literally means “before the flop”. Here, flop refers to the second betting round in a game of Texas Holdem or Omaha where 3 community cards are dealt face up. So, to put it simply, anything that happens in a game of poker before the flop round is commonly referred to as the pre flop. Now, we can also define preflop as the first betting round in any community card game wherein blinds are posted and players are dealt their hole cards.

It is imperative to remember here that the term pre flop in poker is only used in reference to variants of poker that include community cards and have a flop round. Poker variants such as stud poker and draw games do not have a flop round and thus do not feature any preflop or post flop rounds as well.

Top 3 considerations for playing pre flop in poker

There is little doubt to the fact that preflop is the most important round in any game of poker. Players who take high quality decisions during this round generally have a high chance of winning the entire hand. Relative to this, there are 3 important considerations that you must remember for acing the preflop round.

Starting hand selection

The preflop is that round in a game of poker, where players are allotted their 2 hole cards. Based on these hole cards, players are expected to make a decision whether they will enter the pot or not. This is known as starting hand selection. Now, choosing good starting hands is pivotal to executing a winning poker strategy. Starting hands that consist of pocket pairs (10 of spades-10 of clubs), big suited connectors (Aces of hearts-King of hearts) or big connectors (King of diamonds-Queen of hearts) are generally regarded as the best hands.

In case if you have been dealt any of these hands then stick with them, and you will likely find yourself in a highly profitable position after the flop.


As a general rule of thumb, you must play with a wider range of hands if you are in position against your opponents and should tighten up your game if you happen to be out of position. A player is said to be in position when he is the last to act or is in a later position in any round of poker. On the contrary, a player is said to be out of position when he is the first to act or is in an initial position.

Though if you have been dealt any of the starting hand combinations listed above then you can pretty much play from any position.

Defining the hand

The betting action you choose during preflop dictates your hand strength to your opponents. For instance, if you raise pre flop this sends a very clear indication that you hold a super strong hand, while if you call it means you hold a hand of weak to middle strength. Here, you can also choose to slow play or bluff your opponents by deceiving your hand strength, but whatever you do, do it convincingly.

In the end, we can safely say we have covered every bit of information there is to know about pre flop in poker. Now, all you have to do is practise the pre flop tips listed in this post and you are well on your way to acing any game of poker. So, what are you waiting for? Register on the GetMega Poker app and start playing poker today.

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