Punt in Poker

Punt in Poker

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If you are a poker rookie, we understand how difficult it can potentially become to get a grasp on all the poker rules and terminologies. So, to make sure you do not miss on key poker terms, through our series of posts, we are explaining various important concepts in poker. In this post about terms in poker, punting is the term that we will explain. We have covered the meaning of punt in poker along with a working example of poker punting.

What does the term punt in poker mean?

In poker, punting is a term that is generally used when a player blows through all of his chips in an extremely short order by undertaking one or more ill-advised or bad moves. In other words, a player is said to be punting in poker when he exterminates his entire chip stack within a few short hands because of making a series of bad moves.

There is little doubt to the fact that in poker, punting is a terrible thing and must be avoided at all times. Yet, every poker player irrespective of a pro or an amateur ends up indulging in poker, punting at some point in their career.

Poker punt working example

If you still have an ounce of doubt regarding punting in poker, then keep reading, because in this section we have explained the meaning of punting in poker in further detail with the help of a short working example.

Let’s assume you have participated in a monthly poker tournament with a $500 buy-in and have been dealt 6 of spades and 6 of clubs for starting hand. You currently hold the position of the tournament chip leader and are pitted against 50 other players. At the beginning of the game, holding a major chip advantage you decide to indulge in an ill-timed bluff and unfortunately get called out by an opponent. Herein, you end up losing 25% of your chip stack. Now, despite the gravity of the situation, instead of holding back and regrouping yourself, you decide to move forward and bet further. After the flop round, you face a raise, followed by a re-raise and instead of backing out you elect to move all-in that too with pocket 6s. As a result, both the original raiser as well as the player who re-raised calls your bet and you are immediately crushed. Consequently, you lose all your chips and, in an attempt, to win big you actually end up going home.

Herein, you punted off your chips, because you lost your entire chip stack that too in a matter of few short hands after making a series of wrong moves.


When it comes to poker, it is critical to take advantage of each situation to maximise profits and ensure a deep run. Now, to do this as an astute poker player, you must know when to stop and avoid punting in poker. Vital to this, if you accidentally make one bad move in poker then instead of supplementing it with more bad moves, stop! Steady yourself and throttle back if necessary.

In poker, punting is definitely a bad thing but what’s worse is, there is no one strategy fits all solution to stop it. Though with enough experience you will be able to make an accurate judgement as to when you should continue betting big and when you must stop. With all things added, we recommend registering on the GetMega Poker app and participating in a diverse range of poker games and tournaments to gain sufficient experience

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