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Poker stacking and live poker staking has blown up in popularity in the last few years. So much so that if you are even remotely familiar with poker, then you must have come across the terms - poker stacking, poker staking deals or live poker staking in some or the other poker articles. Therefore, in this post, we have covered everything about poker staking right from the meaning of the term poker staking or poker stacking, the benefits of getting staked in poker and the standard poker backing deals.

Poker stacking meaning

In poker, staking or live poker staking is basically an arrangement between an investor otherwise known as a backer and a poker player commonly referred to as a horse. Herein, the investor, backing the poker player or staking the poker player provides the horse with the necessary bankroll to participate in multiple poker games and tournaments in exchange for a specified percentage of the profit.

In poker, staking deals or poker stacking is usually a win/win situation for both the players. Precisely because, on one hand the poker backing deals lower the financial risk for the player who is getting stacked in poker. While on the other hand the poker staking deal provides a profitable investment opportunity for an investor who is backing poker players or staking poker players.

Sounds good? But, there’s a catch, most poker staking and live poker staking arrangements contain the dreaded makeup clause. As per this poker stacking or poker staking clause, all the losses incurred by the player must be repaid before any profits can be split.

Moving on, let us understand the concept of poker staking and live poker staking better with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you and an investor, say Jay, who is backing poker players enter into a poker backing deal or poker staking arrangement wherein you and Jay agree to split the profits 60/40 in Jay’s favour. On the first day of the tournament, you face a loss of Rs 15000, while on the second day you make a profit of Rs 20000. So, herein as per the poker staking deal or poker backing deal, the previous loss of Rs 15000 out of Rs 20000 will be first paid to B. Thereafter the remaining Rs 5000 will be split in the ratio of 60/40 between Jay and you.

Benefits of getting staked in poker

Backing poker players or staking poker players definitely guarantees assured profits to the investor, but then the poker staking deals also provide ample benefits to the players getting staked in poker. How? Firstly, getting staked in poker relives the financial pressure off the minds of poker players. Since the player who is getting staked in poker is aware that someone else is bearing the financial risk on his behalf the horse is better able to focus on his game. Secondly, players who are getting staked in poker are generally provided free and quality coaching by their backers. Since investors who indulge in staking poker players or backing poker players have a financial interest in the horses’ progress, therefore most backers appoint top pros to coach their horses. Moreover, getting staked in poker generally allows poker players to try a new format of poker. Additionally, by getting staked in poker, players who have good skills but suffer from a lack of funds often get a chance to participate in high buy-in tournaments.

Benefits of backing poker players

In poker, staking or live poker staking it is the backer who actually assumes all the financial risk on behalf of the horse. So, from the perspective of a backer, how is backing poker players or staking poker players beneficial? Backing poker players or staking poker players is akin to investing in a start-up. Herein, the poker players use the backer’s money to participate in various poker games in return as per the poker backing deal provide the backer with a percentage of profits. Thus, backing poker players or staking poker players is actually a highly profitable investment wherein a backer can make good money, provided they do their research well and choose a winning poker player for poker stacking or live poker staking.

Standard Poker staking deals

The standard poker staking deals or poker backing deals include a 50/50 profit split ratio with makeup. Mind you, this is a standard poker staking deal or poker backing deal. If you are actually an experienced poker player with notable past results and a good reputation in the poker community you can actually negotiate a better poker backing deal for yourself.

We hope this post on poker staking or live poker staking gave you a fair understanding about poker stacking or poker staking.

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