String Bet in Poker

Now, that you have got a fair idea about the string bet meaning in poker and the fact that placing string bets is actually illegal, in this section we have detailed the top 2 to avoid string bets in poker.

Verbal Declaration

As mentioned before, one key way to avoid putting string bets in poker is to verbally declare the amount or the number of chips you want to bet or raise. By doing so, your opponents will know the amount of your bet and this in turn will eliminate any possibility of putting a string bet.

Be careful with the chip denominations

If you are deep-stacked in a poker game, then always plan ahead and thereafter make large bets relative to the denomination of the chips in your hand. To avoid string bets in poker, always try to make large bets with big-value chips rather than smaller-value chips, so you will place the entire bet amount in on-go.

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