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Looking for a fun game to lift your spirits? Something to satisfy your gaming hunger in minutes? Something to take you back to simpler times? Casual games are short, engaging games that you can learn quickly and play any time, anywhere.

Aim the striker and shoot. Point the marble and jump. The best casual games are inspired by real life. The tools and rules of online casual games are fairly straightforward. All one needs is some skill, a little practice, and of course, a mobile phone. So whether you are on the move, between meetings or just sitting on the loo, a quick casual game can add some colour to your life.

Can you aim the cue stick right, and pot the ball in one go? Match shapes and colours the fastest? Fire missiles and sink enemy ships? Add to it the reward of real money and the thrill of playing against real players, and we have a recipe for an exciting challenge with non-stop entertainment.

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Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain
Surat, Gujarat
I always check out whatever fun game has come up here — Fruit Kaat, Warship or ABC Rummy. I start with small amounts before going big. Now I am pretty confident in my skills - what's better than earning pocket money just playing casual games
24 January, 2021
Tejas Saliva
Tejas Saliva
Surat, Gujarat
I found some of my favourite childhood games here - Carrom, Warship & even Dot n Boxes. And playing them now, with real players & real stakes makes them so exciting. The games are so colorful, short & fun — totally binge-worthy.
26 January, 2021
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma
New Delhi, Delhi
GetMega has some of the most stylish looking, fun games I have ever played online. All my childhood favourites - Carrom, Warship & GK quizzes - are present here. Add to it that I am winning real money playing games — it's just perfect!
3 February, 2021


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